Cameraman Rachid el Mourif receives Stan Storimans award

His images of the earthquake in Haiti went around the world and he was right in the middle of the bloody revolutions in the Middle East. Dutch cameraman Rachid el Mourif has a mission to help people in the Netherlands to show what happens in conflict.

A long time ago he went running through the woods in The Netherlands with his camera ready. This "war zone" was full of screaming children. He edited the video recordings to a beautiful film that made the children and leaders very happy.

A few years ago, Rachid was editing reports at a Dutch broadcasting company but he eventually chose the camera above the editing work. And not without success. Rachid received the 2010 Stan Storimans award for his exceptional camera work on the earthquake in Haiti. This is an award in The Netherlands for cameramen of news programs. The first award was given to cameraman Joris Hentenaar on 12 November 2009.

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